Do you own any industrial equipment such as bulldozers, Forklifts, pressing machines, Cutting equipment, Bending equipment, Mining equipment…?

We buy all used and second hand equipment such as Contractors plant, Commercial Trucks & Trailers, excavators, graders, TLB’s, wheel loaders, dozers, cranes, scissor & boom lifts, forklifts, ADT’s, rollers & compactors, water trucks, horses & trailers etc.

Do you have equipment you would like to sell?

  • Call our offices with a list of all equipment you have.
  • We would send one of our valuators to your premises to value all your stock you would like to sell.
  • Our Valuator would then make an offer to buy your equipment.
  • Should you decide to accept the offer, we will do a purchase agreement with you. We will arrange the transport for the items to be collected, and we will do the transfer directly into your account within 24 hours.
  • We reserve our right to request any documentation such as invoices or proof of ownership should we require these documents
  • We do not buy stolen items. And we work directly with the SAPS, T.P.R. Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Board.