6 Awesome reasons why you should use Perfect Pawn to overcome your financial challenges:


Loan seekers no longer have to drive to a bank to get a loan. No one has to know that you are taking out a short term loan.
Are you credit impaired? Than we can assist you with our Multi-faceted approach to financial log jams.

No credit checks:

Perfect Pawn do not require credit checks because we depend on the current resale value of your valuable item to secure your pawn loan. We never report loans to the credit agencies allowing clients with all different types of credit scores to receive a loan.

Fast processing:

There isn’t a worse feeling when you are in a pinch for cash and your bank informs you they won’t be able to process your loan for a few weeks or longer. At Perfect pawn, we understand that unexpected money emergencies arise in life and no amount of planning can prepare you for them.

Flexible payment :

We Will Assist you in working around your financial constrains.

Low interest rates:

We are professionalising the pawn industry so expect the best when dealing with us. In fact come to us Last!

Safe Storage:

Your assets are held safe and secure by us and are fully assessed when we receive them. So you can feel at ease that your Assets are as important to us as they are to you.

Take a look through our Simple and Professional Pawn Agreements to find out more.